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I’ve always wanted to do a humor campaign, and last year, we actually attempted it on a D&D forum I was moderating at the time. The game itself was hysterical, but unfortunately it didn’t last long before scheduling issues caused it to putter out and die like a level 2 Wizard with 4 Constitution.

Of course, as a blundering idiot, I don’t tend to let things like abject and total failure discourage me (although I do let it get me drunken and bitter, but I digress). So, a few of my players and I were talking, and I got to thinking- “Hey, that was funny that one time, I bet if we do the exact same thing again ad nauseum it will be equally hilarious- Just like Family Guy!” And thus, much like the Princess of Aldea, Freaking Elves crawled forth from the bloody soil and returned to life.

Obviously, as a humor campaign, the focus is on dialog and role-playing of the whimsical kind, but combat does occur. Players are encouraged to metagame, exploit rules loopholes, min-max, player-kill, shoot themselves in the feet, and even cheat if need be to help create a scenario that continues to snowball in its ridiculousness until ultimately, every sacred cow (and even most of the otherwise innocent tenants) of the D&D and RPG universe is steamrolled under the sheer force of satire that is a couple of twenty-something goons hopped up on Mountain Dew and Cheet-ohs.

In the following weeks, in between working on my other campaigns, I’ll be fleshing out this section and getting things set up, so that once the actual campaign begins we can just make use of Obsidian as intended, without any time-consuming setup.


Locations- This is not a comprehensive list of the many, many worlds Atop the Table- there are many places, ranging from the fabled Kingdom of Al-Qadim to the great state of GURPSylvania. However, since this is only a short campaign, only the biggest and most relevant regions (plus Mystara) will be featured here.

The Endless Expanse of Faeruns A world of magic and mystery, previously ruled by some all-powerful if not completely lazy wizard who smokes a magic bong of sorts. This was the first of the worlds to fall the the Elves, primarily because it is full of them
The Pretty Large Expanse of Eberrons A world of magic and mystery, plus some robots and two kinds of shapeshifters. It’s pretty new as far as worlds go, but its expanding its territory like a dog with an overactive bladder- in other words, it’s America
Dragonlance, Doing Okay Once a vast and noble kingdom, the world of Dragonlance has lost some influence over the years, but its still hanging on… yeah, that’s respectable. Remember the Dragonlance Trilogy? And RAISTLIN? We totally had Raistlin, you know. That’s a bit of an accomplishment, right? A little something to be proud of, don’t you think? OH GOD, WHY DOESN’T ANYONE LOVE ME ANYMORE? ... Okay, sorry about that. No seriously, we’re doing pretty good here.
Hot Topic Corporate Headquarters, Formerly Ravenloft A world rife with vampires, eldritch evils, and darkness. It was bought out by Hot Topic most recently, who hopes to make use of its gloomy emo environment to attain financial domination of the Universe
Those Three People Playing Mystara The last bastion against the Elven Empire. Nothing is none about it, and as such, it is the perfect place for a rebel base. What was Mystara, again, anyway? Maybe some sort of anti-anxiety medication?
The Blanded Plains of Greyhawk D&D’s most iconic, and subsequently, most cliched setting. The home of the Elven Empire, and the location of Mialee’s Flying Fantasy Castle and Moat Playset
Aldea, Land of Girlish Glee The Sister Kingdom to the worlds of D&D, home of the True20 System and the official vacation home of both She-Ra AND Sailor Moon
Magic Earth The world of Urban Arcana. Its powerful firearms are renowned in all the Worlds Atop the Table
Doki Doki Rokugan no MIRACLE The world of Asian adventures, inhabited by samurai, ninja, and scantily clad heroines with eyes as big as dinner plates

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