Online Play Rules

What You Need to Play

  • AOL Instant Messenger
  • Yahoo Instant Messenger
  • An Obsidian Portal account (obviously)
  • A completed AND approved character sheet

We will primarily be using AOL Instant Messenger to play the game. If you do not have my screen name, please send me a private message. It is a good idea to have a Yahoo Messenger account in the case AIM should be bitchy and difficult. In the case that AIM gives us problems, we will be using Yahoo Messenger and Nadaka’s DiceBox, which is less elegant, but it works. If anyone knows of a good dice script for Yahoo, then please let me know.

Rolling Dice

While using an AOL Instant Messenger chat room, it is possible to roll dice using the following script-

  • //roll-dice#-sides#

This only works in actual chat rooms, and not in IM windows. Furthermore, there may be issues and difficulties if you are not using AIM proper- Trillian users may encounter some issues with the script. The script does not auto-tally multiple die rolls, so please keep a calculator on hand if you are not able to do math quickly in your head. Additionally, this script does not handle modifiers, so please be aware of what your modifiers are, and be sure to apply them to your rolls.

  • HP and other numeric variables

I generally trust players to keep track of their spells per day/power points/maneuvers per encounter/ammunition and that sort of thing on their own. Even if someone fudges a little, it isn’t a big deal.

However, HP totals are a bit more important, as are things such as outstanding penalties, ability damage, and conditions.

During the the beginning of your turn at each round, please make an OOC comment stating the following-

  • Current damage, both lethal and nonlethal
  • Any outstanding conditions, bonuses, penalties, or ability damage
  • Time remaining on effects originating from your character

If your turn comes around and you have nothing to report (no changes to HP, no penalties, etc), you can just state “As before”. However, if only for my sake, it is very important to have a running log of what is going on with each PC.


Currently, online play will be taking place on Saturday mornings, between the hours of 10am and 3pm. The actual time may vary, and play will begin between 10am and 11am on any given Saturday depending on any variety of factors. However, you will always be informed as to the starting time prior to that Saturday. Gameplay will begin officially for the online game on Saturday, January 26th, 2008.

Please be prompt and remain in contact, alerting me whenever you may not be available.


If you do not sign on for a session, you will be excluded, missing all experience, treasure, and any other benefits one might receive from playing.

If you know you cannot make a session, please private message me or IM me to discuss an alternative.

If for some reason multiple players cannot make it, the session may be rescheduled, or postponed until the next week.

Please try to pay as much attention to the game at hand while a session is going on. I understand things occasionally do come up- phone calls, internet outages, and what have you, but please try not to be multitasking while you play. It compromises the game and is generally very rude. So, if you cannot finish your homework on time without doing it during a session, you may be better off just missing the session. I would rather someone not be there at all than have someone there who is not putting forth the effort everyone else is putting forth.


Players are required to keep their own character sheets updated, and are also expected to update any other section of the campaign site they have personally affected. This means that if you create an NPC and something important happens to him, it will fall on YOU to update his profile. Similarly, if you change some other aspect of the campaign world, you will need to update it.

At the moment, I have taken it on myself to update the adventure logs, but an additional assistance is very much appreciated.

Assisting with the adventure log will result in your character receiving an equipment reward, with the value and relevance of the equipment being dependent on the effort put forth.


Currently, I am not aware of any rules or policies on adult language on Obsidian Portal. Just the same, let’s try and keep the campaign from becoming too profane. Swearing is acceptable, but keep it reasonable and try to avoid certain words that may come across as being more offensive than others. This is a classy joint, bitches. Act like it.

Chat Based Play

DarthKrzysztof (who’s name is so hard to spell he might as well just be a Beholder) has written up a wonderful guideline for chat based play here. Obviously, specific details apply to his campaign, but it provides a good, general guideline.

Telepathy, Whispering, and Other Secretive Crap

If you are trying to communicate secretly between characters, you can do so very easily by sending an IM to the other individual. Communicating this way with NPCs means IMing the DM. Also, when the DM passes notes, it will be done this way. When communicating telepathically between PCs, please copy and paste the exchange and send it to the DM. I’m God in your world, there are no secrets.

Also, when whispering, you may do the same basic thing, but you are required to IM the exchange to anyone who can pass a Notice check against your whispering.

Other Details

Obviously, chat based play has its limits and special circumstances. Movement will be mostly descriptive in this campaign, and everything will be fairly tongue in cheek. However, that doesn’t mean that you can exploit the lack of a play grid- you can’t just magically be flanking any given enemy, a five foot step should NOT cause you to fly across the room and become spontaneously adjacent to the target, and your movement speed of 30 doesn’t allow you to charge across the savanna, up the hill, through the phalanx of elves, and into the threat range of the enemy leader in a single round.

Online Play Rules

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