Each character in Freaking Elves has a Gimmick, which is a non-class related character feature that allows them to perform a certain kind of action a limited number of times per session.

Gimmicks are always tied to part of the character concept, and they cannot be changed once they are selected. Furthermore, like most character traits, a character is unaware of their gimmick.

Characters are heavily encouraged (read: required) to roleplay out the uses of their gimmicks.

If a player comes up with a fitting gimmick for their character, then they can submit it to me, and I will add it to the list. If a gimmick is not appropriate, it may be revised or outright denied, although generally we’ll work towards coming up with something that works for everyone.

Sample Gimmicks:

  • Merely Fainted: Any time a character would be killed, they may choose to activate this gimmick. If they do, it is later discovered that the character “merely fainted”, and managed to survive the blow. This applies even if the character is clearly and undeniably slain, such as if they were beheaded by a vorpal weapon.
  • Rules Lawyer: Once per session, any time the DM would exercise a DM’s fiat, they may choose to negate it so long as they can provide support for this within the standard rules. The character is required to cite the rules in detail that supports the use of this gimmick, which may or may not result in the universe itself destroying its own continuity to satiate the plaintiff.
  • I Could Love You Forever: Once per session, the character may use the charm monster as if they were a 7th level caster. They may not, however, select a target for this ability. Instead, the DM selects a suitable target. That target becomes infatuated, nay, falls in love with the character… or at least until the end of the session. A character with this gimmick is required to activate it once a session.
  • Blood-soaked Angst: Once per session and on a failed saving throw, a character with this gimmick may activate this gimmick to gain an immediate standard action. They can only use this standard action to spiral into an indulgent, self-pitying fit about the many tragedies that have befallen them, including whatever would happen to them as a result of failing their current saving throw. At the end of their little pity party, they may re-roll the failed saving throw again. They must abide by the result, even if it is lower.
  • Hammerspace: Once per session, a character with this gimmick may produce any non-unique item from somewhere on their person. This item disappears within one minute. Whether or not this item is real is never addressed, the character simply produces it from their sleeve, hair, or cleavage without batting an eye. Other characters may not react as calmly, however.
  • But, my old DM…: Once per session, a character with this gimmick can change the damage dice of any weapon they wield by one stage (d6 becomes a d4 or a d8, a d10 becomes a d8 or a d12, etc) for one round, or change the variables or finer text of any spell or class feature for one usage (Magic Missile deals 1d6 damage as a base rather than 1d4, Fireball requires a Fortitude save rather than Reflex, Sneak Attack deals +2d8 damage instead of d6s, etc). If the feature being altered is an active effect (i.e. Divine Grace being altered to add Dexterity to all saves), the effect only changes for 1 round. The character using this gimmick is required to whine openly about how terrible the DM is, and laud the efforts of another DM. After this effect wears off, the character “mysteriously” takes 3d6 damage from some random “accidental” source.
  • It’s In My Backstory: Once per session, a character with this gimmick can gain access to any feat or use any skill untrained and as if he had full ranks in it, for one round. The character must improvise a convenient reason for how he can do this, which is done under the excuse that it had been in his backstory, but was previously unmentioned up until then.
  • It Was Only My Shadow: Once per session, an evil character with this gimmick who is damaged, slain, or otherwise thwarted by some attack or effect can choose to ignore the effect altogether. In fact, as a result of this gimmick, it ends up that the character was never there in the first place- rather, the affected individual was merely an convenient stand-in, be it magical or mundane. If it is magical, characters are denied a Will save to disbelieve.
  • 2E Psionics: Once per session, a character with this gimmick can choose to instantly defeat any NPC with a challenge rating equal to or less than their ECL. When doing so, they knock the character out with a remarkably powerful yet unexplained supernatural assault, which is attributed only to “second edition Psionics”.
  • My Friends!: Once per session and after taking damage, being killed, or otherwise bearing the brunt of a hostile action, a character with this gimmick may activate it to grant all other PCs and NPCs with an attitude of Friendly or higher that are within range of sight a free turn, which they can use to move towards or take an aggressive action towards the offending party. If the result of this use causes the original attacker to be slain or knocked unconscious, the user gains a +4 morale bonus on their next roll.


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