Character Creation

Supplements Available

For years, I’ve been threatening, but now I think I finally have the balls to go through with it. Brace yourself, Wanda, because this is gonna get DAMN crazy, like fast.

For this campaign, I am allowing all d20 system supplements, official or otherwise (excepting one, see below). Even Book of Exalted Deeds, which I have previously outlawed from all my campaigns under threat of physical violence.

All supplements are fair game, but the catch is, they must be used accordingly. Furthermore, I will need access to the book before I allow anything from it, so some of you may need to do some legwork- my library is pretty large, but I’m not about to go out and get a copy of The Quintessential Temptress or The Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting just to satisfy you and your sordid needs.

Creation Rules

  • Mamelon-style point buy, using 32 points. (If you haven’t learned how this works YET, then by all means, email me or catch me on AIM or something. But come on, guys, we’ve only been using this since Jesus walked the Earth, it should be second nature by now.)
  • Characters will begin play at level 10. (Note: This has changed since the time at which these rules were originally posted. Please take note of the changes and alter your characters accordingly)
  • HP totals are not rolled. On first level, and every other level after that, you receive maximum HP per HD. On every even level, receive half your HD in HP. In example, a 5th level Cleric with 10 CON would have 24 HP from levels 1, 3, and 5, 8 HP from levels 2 and 4, and 0 HP from CON.
  • Characters can begin play with any equipment that can be afforded within their current wealth per level guidelines.
  • NO ELVES. I freaking mean it, Sally, I will pluck your eyes out. No wood elves, no high elves, no drow, no half-elves, no nothing. If you ask to play an elf, I will say no, but not before putting out my cigarette on your hand.
  • Characters must have a home setting. Contrary to everything I have ever supported as a DM, please use an established campaign setting rather than coming up with your own stuff.
  • No Unearthed Arcana, generally. I don’t mind bits and pieces here and there, but given the general bedlam that this game will create, we don’t need a lot of variant rules muddling things up further. Variant classes and similar things are fine, but please don’t come in with a bunch of random changes, because I will probably just make you eat d8s out of spite until you break down into tears.
  • All characters must have a Gimmick. I’ll be posting up more rules on that later, but start at least thinking about some stupid character conventions you can apply to your characters. If you need some ideas, I’ll be forwarding you all of Adam’s character sheets EVER. That ought to give you a good foundation. (I’m just kidding, Adam. You’ve probably played at least one good character.)

Character Creation

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