Atop the Table

A series of universes connected by a planar expanse of most unusual features. It is an endless expanse of flat surface, which extends as far as the eye can see. Entrances to worlds and large, polyhedral structures called “dice” dot the terrain.

Each world Atop the Table is a free standing universe, with its own laws and physics. These worlds can bear the burden of paradox, which allows individuals from one world to travel to another world. When this happens, the individual is transformed, in a way, causing their characteristics to alter to match the relevant laws and physics of the world they are entering. However, there are cases in which certain qualities do not translate. When this occurs, there is general much mayhem and ill fortune.

Traveling Atop the Table is very simple, provided one can find a way to exit their native world. Once outside the world, an individual can wander across the Table until he finds a suitable world to enter. Unfortunately, worlds are not clearly marked, and as such, an individual without a map or some sort of spiritual ability to locate the world they desire is doomed to wander aimlessly in a place devoid of any concept of time.

The most rudimentary of physical laws apply to the Table, which has lead to theories that some physical laws are not indigenous to the worlds from which they originate, but rather a quality impressed upon them by existing Atop the Table. Laws such as gravity are a prime example.

However, aside from these laws, many of the laws of the respective worlds have no function on the Table. Magic is heavily impeded, and combat is nearly impossible- swords are swung and guns are fired, but the laws of life and death seem to be void while wandering the Table. As a result, it is impossible for a being to become damaged or otherwise effected by anything until they return to a legitimate world.

Atop the Table

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