Mrs. Claus (Wee Jas)

The Goddess of Death and Magic, also the wife of Santa


A grim woman with a solemn stare and an elaborate headdress. She always carries a ruby dagger with her.


Although once connected to Count Strahd of Ravenloft, Wee Jas began to date Santa shortly after Ravenloft was taken over in the corporate merger. Now, she is the feminine face of Christmas, as well as being the uncaring face of doom.

Wee Jas found herself attracted to Santa because of his colorful mannerisms and his ability to fly up a chimney. However, just because she is married to Santa does not make her an ally of the Elves… in fact, much of her time is spent providing spells-per-day to her worshipers among the resistance, as well as to the refugees from the worlds of White Wolf who have found themselves in search of a new brooding sovereign in light- or should I say, in ambivalent dark- of the loss of their world to the Elves.

Mrs. Claus (Wee Jas)

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