Cartoonish villain, and Upsetter of the Table according to Hermeyish prophecy


A grey faced… lich or something with one horn and a black and red robe.


A villain from the Realms of Dungeons and Dragons. Over the years, Venger has dueled with Tiamat-not-really-Tiamat and tormented the children from Magic Earth in a way that can only be described as Gargamellian.

However, it is foretold by Hermey the Heretic Dentist in his sacred prophecies that there will come a time, when Elf and Man walk as one body, when the planets of all the worlds Atop the Table will align, and when the almighty DM shall allow Hulking Hurler prestige class that Venger, son of the Dungeon Master, will escape from the Realms and cause the very Table to be turned over, scattering dice and minis like fallen soldiers and causing all characters sheets to be ruined by the spilling of blood and soda.


Freaking Elves photoneater