Dame Unagi

Paeliryon gossip blogger and information broker


A bloated, purple fiend towering over most people. She wears a black negligee, and more makeup than Tammy Faye Baker. She is drenched in scent, like a cheap whore, and emits an aura of fear so powerful it can crush a human soul like a Crunchberry.


A popular fiend in the blogosphere, a Hollywood gossip blogger, and an active member of the Magic the Gathering Salvation forums. She lurks on the sacred mountains of Rokugan, where she deals in information and ill-gotten secrets. She is a fan of big Hollywood parties, and is very open about her various sexual indiscretions- such as the time she raped Daniel Radcliffe after a performance of Equus.

When Charlotte Cabochon went on strike along with the Writer’s Guild of America, the Resistance sought her out in order to gain information for their adventures and plot hooks. When they found her, she only agreed to help them if they would help her orchestrate a interplanar idol competition with fatal consequences for the losers.

However, once Empress Mialee was alerted to this, the Dame sold her allies out in a heartbeat. She is now presumed to be serving under the Empire, helping Mialee force everyone to compete in the deadly pop-star competition.

Dame Unagi

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