Tesla Soldat

A time traveler from the future of Magic Earth, the Lachesis, wise-ass teenaged brat


A blond girl with a perpetual sardonic grin.


Tesla is a PC in the campaign The Accretion Gospel.

A native of Space Magic Earth, a future subplane of Magic Earth. Tesla was on a mission to liberate the planet of Delsidia IV when an accident involving a supernova, a microwave, and a packet of Jiffypop caused a rift in time that threw Tesla into the early 2000s on Magic Earth, right in the midst of the War of the Elves.

Tesla’s knowledge of advanced technology makes her a valuable ally of the Resistance, although she is not officially allied with them. Tesla provides the Resistance with high-end weaponry in exchange for cappuccinos, MySpace.com friend requests, and cell phone ringtones. She doesn’t take money for her wares, because A) she claims to be so wealthy that further acquisitions would be irrelevant, and B) the money of worlds Atop the Table is basically worthless since the magic item economy has collapsed due to the proliferation of +3 frostbrand and +5 defender scimitars polluting the intergalactic market.

Tesla Soldat

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