Count Tatsel Dharts Sepet

Refugee from the World of Darkness, vampire of Camarilla, avid Livejournal user


A pale, sickly looking teenager wearing white face makeup and more eyeliner than the frontman of a The Cure cover-band. He is covered in little cuts and scars, which he claims happened “while fighting”.


One of the survivors from the World of Darkness and a member of Lady Gator’s mercenary squadron.

The Count nearly never speaks to anyone, but he vocalizes himself nigh endlessly through melodramatic soliloquies and elaborate blog posts. He continually laments the darkness within his heart and the pain he bears as a child of the night.

The Count is rumored to possess a slew of arcane abilities, but these have never been witnessed, by anyone. In point of fact, Lady Gator only really took on the Count as a favor to his/her former employer, Count Dracula.

During the first episode, the Count appeared at the side of Lady Gator in Fort Silvericingbeautydeath. Although he was instructed to flee by Lady Gator, the Count insisted on staying in combat and exercising his eldritch might.

After expending all his dark energy to slam Crystal with a blast of Inflict Minor Wounds, he was killed when Miracula flooded his system with CON poison. He was later resurrected by Justice Cat to serve in the Cat’s evil army, but upon discovering he had become legitimately undead, he rushed off to blog about it with a peal of girlish giggling.

It is unknown where his true whereabouts are, but thanks to his Livejournal account we can affirm that he is currently “happy” and is listening to “Rasputina- Red Doll Shoes”.

Count Tatsel Dharts Sepet

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