Sir Righteous the Marriable

Handsome, greek-esque perfection.


Str 17

Dex 12

Con 16

Int 12

Wis 16

Cha 17


Sir Righteous the Marriable was born in the small village of Hodge Podge on the eastern border of Cormyr. As a boy he obsessed over the famed Purple Dragon Knights of Cormyr and dreamt of being one of those heroic warriors. But alas, it just wasn’t to be. The evil elves swept through the world and conquered it as Empress Mialee crushed his country and its famous (mostly human) protectors.

Righteous became a refugee with his family but in his breast a horrible rage was growing. As the growing elven menace pushed the refugees further and further north his family died from the cold weather and Righteous snapped from the strain.

Seven bodies later Righteous wakes up naked in a bear skin tent deep in the snowy Spine of the World. The ranger who had saved him from the polar chill taught him to control his anger (and about the pleasures of man-sex on a mountain called Brokeback.)

After his training he was brought back to civilization and there he was indoctrined into the church of Tyr by a preacher man. He was overcome by his deeds with his beloved ranger and he renounced man-sex and became a paladin for the church.

His harsh life has honed him into a perfect specimen of mankind. Muscular limbs, a barrel chest and the sacred “V” body shape. Thanks to plastic surgery (to make his face look less weathered from his time in the cold north) he is also a very handsome man with thick blonde hair, blue eyes, and perfect white teeth.

Sir Righteous the Marriable

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