A pair of intelligent +2 gloves of dexterity housing the soul of a succubus


A pair of gloves. Match with a pair of platform wedges, a nice Coach handbag, or an oversized belt for a modern, sophisticated look for either fall or winter.


A pair of +2 gloves of Dexterity- or so it seems. Many years ago, the succubus Lustrina was defeated by a powerful band of sorcerers. Upon her defeat, she was sealed away inside the most inconspicuous item available at the time.

Since that time, Lustrina has accompanied many adventurers on their quests, offering insight and advise- but mostly making lewd comments and whining about everything and anything.

She is now currently in the possession of Lady Gator, after she stole Lustrina from a monk in a bar brawl a year or so ago.

Lustrina has an official last name, but it is waaaay too dirty to print here. However, I’m sure we’ve all heard the joke about the wet glove, so I trust those that are truly curious can do the math on their own.


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