General Lisa Frank

Pink-clad general of the Aldean military, confidante of Butterpeach, sticker-whore


A pink-haired, cheerful looking girl in pink armor who wields a lance. She is often seen on the back of her magical pegasus, Priscilla.


A general in the Aldean army, and a close friend to Princess Butterpeach. Lisa is one of the few Aldean military members to survive the assault on Aldea, and now she serves as the acting lead of the surviving Aldean forces- although this title is mostly just ceremonial since the Aldean forces have since been absorbed into the greater Resistance military.

Lisa is a skillful warrior, but she dreams of a life where she would never need to fight- a life where she can feel free to draw colorful images of unicorns, ponies, and rainbows, and maybe even produce a line of stationary marketed towards young girls using her artwork.

Lisa’s trademark pink hair is a subject of much discussion, as pink hair is practically unheard of in the land of Aldea. There is some speculation that she may actually be from Rokugan, where such vibrant colors of hair are more common.

General Lisa Frank

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