Lady Gator

Lizardfolk female impersonator, leader of the mercenary squadron


A tall, powerful lizardman in fabulous makeup.

Lizardfolk Battle Sorcerer 9

  • HP: 11d8 + 33 = 101
  • AC: 10 + 5 natural + 2 DEX + 6 Armor + 2 Deflection
  • Speed: 30
  • DR: 3/cold iron
  • Initiative: +2
  • Alignment: True Neutral

Ability Scores (as unaffected by equipment)-

  • STR: 14
  • DEX: 14
  • CON: 16
  • INT: 16
  • WIS: 14
  • CHA: 20

Attack Bonus and Attacks

  • BAB: +7/+2
  • GRP: +9/+4
  • RNG: +9/+4

Saving Throws

  • Fort: 3 + 3 = +6
  • Ref: 6 + 2 = +8
  • Will: 6 + 2 = +8 (+13 vs. charms/compulsions)

Feats (4 of 4): Weapon Finesse, Force of Personality, Spell Focus: Enchantment, Track

Racial Features: As Lizardfolk

Special Features: Drag Queen- Lady Gator qualifies as a Drag Queen, and can make a Perform: Drag check as if she had ranks in the skill equal to her character level +3 at all times. Additionally, she can wear female exclusive equipment and qualify for female exclusive prestige classes as if she were female. She can also detect other drag queens as if she had the scent ability.

Skills: Acrobatics +12, Athletics +12, Bluff +10, Intimidate +19, Concentration +12, Occultism +13, Survival +6, Gather Information +11, Craft: Jewelry +6, Perform: Drag +21

Spells Per Day: 5/7/7/7/4/0/0/0/0/0

Spells Known: Read Magic, Dancing Lights, Ghost Sound, Flare, Prestidigitation, Chalkboard, Light, Create Vodka, Charm Person, Ray of Enfeeblement, Magic Missile, Hideous Laughter, Touch of Idiocy, Hypnotic Pattern, Hold Person, Suggestion, Charm Monster

Languages: Common, Draconic, Gnoll, Goblin, Orc

Class Features: Familiar

Weapon: +3 flaming elfbane rapier (+12/+7, 1d6 slashing + 1d6 fire +5, treat as +14/+9, 1d6 slashing + 1d6 fire +2d6 +7 vs. elves)

Equipment: Mithril Vest +2, Ring of Protection +2, Shirt of the Fey, Headband of Intellect +2, Cloak of Charisma +4

Gimmick: Read- Once per session per point of CHA bonus s/he has, Lady Gator can perform a drag queen’s “read” attack against any target that has a Charisma score equal to or less than her own. The target suffers a barrage of verbal abuse regarding their appearance, outfit, and behaviors. They must make a Will save against a DC of 10 + 1/2 HD + CHA or gain a -2 penalty to all rolls for 3 rounds. They also take 1d6 CHA damage if they fail their Will save by 5 or more. Against a particularly frail target, a drag queen’s reading may prove fatal. If Lady Gator expends 2 uses of her gimmick at once, she can choose to have her read attempt deal CHA drain instead of CHA damage. She can only do this when attempting to read a target with lower CHA than she has.

A drag queen can counter-read another drag queen’s read attempt by making a drag check (1d20 + 1/2 HD + CHA modifier +1 for each piece of magical jewelry worn) against the original reader. If the drag check result is higher than the DC of the original read attempt, it is countered, and that bitch had best never show her face in your territory again.

Whenever a drag queen makes a successful read attack, they gain a +2 morale bonus to attack and damage rolls for the next three rounds. If their read attack would deal Charisma damage or drain, they gain 5 temporary HP per point of Charisma lost.


A lizardman originally from Greyhawk, Arthur “Lady Gator” Johannson was pulled from his home when engaged in an encounter with some PCs. The party wizard attempted to teleport, causing a terrible dimensional rift to open and pull Arthur out of Greyhawk and force him to wander Atop the Table for many years.

After pulling a brief stint as an enemy in the popular video game Castlevania, Arthur eventually made his way to Magic Earth through some goofy-ass concept called “The Shadow”. While on Magic Earth, Arthur was taken under the wing of British comedian and executive transvestite Eddie Izzard, who trained the young reptile to become part of his Action Transvestite brigade.

After the war began, Arthur (now Lady Gator) formed a band of cut-throat mercenaries to serve on the side of whoever had the biggest wallet.

Ruthless, ambitious, and fashion-conscious to a fault, Lady Gator is a powerful ally and a dangerous enemy.

During the first episode, Lady Gator and her Action Transvestites were hired by the Elven Empire to track down the Cleric. Once Lady Gator discover the Cleric was being hunted because she had stolen the Elfstar, she took over Fort Silvericingbeautydeath and attempted to turn the Elfstar into an enormous brooch.

She was engaged in combat by the Resistance task force, and was beaten to a near pulp by a frenzied Crystal Cans. Hoping to save her life and appear again later as a more powerful enemy, Lady Gator called on the DM to grant her cheesy teleportation powers on the fly, allowing her to flee with her life… although her wig is still somewhere in Eberron.

Lady Gator

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