Karen Ratbastard

LE Human Wererat Rogue 6/Ranger1/Barbarian2/Wizard1


Human Form Statistics: S: 14(+2) D: 20(+5) C: 12(+1) I: 18(+4) W: 14(+2) C: 14(+2)

Hybrid and Rat Form Statistics: S: 14(+2) D: 26(+8) C: 14(+2) I: 18(+4) W: 14(+2) C: 14(+2)

Skills: Acrobatics 12(+17/+20)
Athletics 11(+24/+27)
Bluff 5(+10)
Control Shape 13(+15)
Diplomacy 5(+14)
Disable Device 11(+15)
Escape Artist 11(+16/+19)
Gather Information 5(+10)
Intimidate 5(+12)
Knowledge (Local) 5(+9)
Knowledge (Metagame) 13(+17)
Notice 12(+14)
Open Lock 11(+16/+19)
Search 12(+16)
Sense Motive 5(+7)
Stealth: 11(+21/+24)
Survival: 6(+8)

Feats: Two-Weapon Fighting, Two Weapon Defense, Improved Toughness, Quickdraw, Improved Two Weapon Fighting, Iron Will (bonus), Weapon Finesse (bonus), Track (bonus), Scribe Scroll (bonus)

Wererat Special Abilities: low-light vision, scent, bonus feat: Iron Will, bonus feat: Weapon Finesse, +2 Natural Armor, Alternate Form, Lycanthropic Empathy, Curse of Lycanthropy, DR 5/silver, Use Dexterity instead of Strength for athletics, +8 racial bonus to athletics checks and may always take 10, natural weapon (bite) in hybrid or dire rat form (Karen does not inflict Disease on her bite because, unlike most wererats, she brushes her teeth)

Rogue Special Abilities: Sneak Attack +3d6, trapfinding, evasion, trap sense +2, uncanny dodge

Ranger Special Abilities: Favored Enemy: Goblins +2, Bonus Feat: Track, Wild Empathy (6)

Barbarian Special Abilities: Fast Movement, Improved Uncanny Dodge (Karen cannot rage because she is now Lawful Evil)

Wizard Special Abilities: Summon Familiar (Rat), Bonus Feat: Scribe Scroll

HP: 81/91 Init: +5/+8 Speed: 40
AC: 22/25 Touch: 15/18 FF: Improved Uncanny Dodge, beyotch. Fine, it’s 16.
Fort: +8/+9 Ref: +12/+15 Will: +8
BAB/Grapple: +6/+8

Human Form, standard attack:
+1 Corrosive Dagger: +12, 1d4+1d6(acid)+3 (19-20/x2)

Human Form, Full attack:
+1 Corrosive Dagger: +10/+5, 1d4+1d6(acid)+3 (19-20/x2)
+1 Shock Dagger: +10/+5, 1d4+1d6(electricity)+2 (19-20/x2)

In Hybrid Form, standard attack:
+1 Corrosive Dagger: +15, 1d4+1d6(acid)+3 (19-20/x2)

Hybrid Form, Full Attack:
Bite: +10, 1d4+1
+1 Corrosive Dagger: +13/+8, 1d4+1d6(acid)+3 (19-20/x2)
+1 Shock Dagger: +13/+8, 1d4+1d6(electricity)+1 (19-20/x2)

Rat Form:
Bite: +14, 1d4+1

Spells: 3 2

At this time, Karen has no spellbook.

Equipment: +1 corrosive dagger, +1 shock dagger, +3 padded armor, Cloak of Elvenkind, Boots of Elvenkind, Circlet of Persuasion, Ring of Mind Shielding, Ring of Feather Fall, Gauntlets of Throwing, Heward’s Handy Haversack containing: 3 MW manacles, MW thieves’ tools, 2 explorer’s outfits, 100’ silk rope, winter blanket, bedroll, 10 torches, flint and steel, toothbrush, toothpaste, grappling hook, whetstone, small steel mirror, crowbar, rations, waterskin, soap

Languages: Common, Elven, Dwarven, Goblinoid, Draconic

Gimmick Karen’s player once had the ability to gain concessions from the GM by complaining that “MY CHARACTER SUCKS!” However the GM has wised up to this tactic. She now uses a different tactic, namely:

“You should ASSUME that I am ALWAYS doing that!”

Once per session when you incur some sort of negative consequence from failing to say that your character is searching for traps/holding her breath/using Sense Motive/etc., you are entitled to throw a tissy fit and retroactively have the GM remove said negative consequence.

  1. Age: 17
  2. Hair Color: Blond
  3. Eye Color: Blue
  4. Height: 5’7”
  5. Weight: 132
  6. Native World: Greyhawk
  7. Likes: naive Lawful Good clerics, daggers, Clint Eastwood movies, killing things and taking their stuff
  8. Dislikes: Psions that summon hand-shaped Astral Constructs, kobold dragon disciples, being stereotyped
  9. Heroes: Nietzsche
  10. Favorite Book: Thus Spake Zarathustra
  11. Favorite TV Show: 24
  12. Deity: Make Me an Offer

Karen started out her adventuring career in Greyhawk as a rather ordinary neutral human rogue, when she hired on with the wizard Poe Richard to investigate the happenings at the so-called “Sunless Citadel”. However, the rest of party was disorganized and stupid, so Karen found herself trying to pick up the slack and be useful in combat while also disarming traps, opening locks, and doing generally useful rogue things.

The survivors of the Sunless Citadel sent by Poe to the Forge of Fury, where the increasingly disorganized group began to be royally smashed in each and every combat they encountered. Karen quickly acquired skill as a Barbarian and Ranger so she could simply stay alive. However, this also meant that she began to fall behind in rogue skills, so the traps and locks began to be problematic. Several people died in the Forge.

Poe then sent the hapless adventurers off for a brief “vacation”, sadly the fair they visited turned out to be having some problems of its own. As the only person in the group with any charisma, Karen was expected to handle social matters, so she sighed and quickly began to learn the arts of bluffing and diplomacy. Her rogue skills continued to atrophy. During the course of their adventure in the town, the party discovered a nest of wererats in a bell tower. Karen was bitten several times, and although the helpful clerics then gave her belladonna (the poison almost killed her), she still contracted lycanthropy. However, this did not become apparent for some time, as apparently the overdose of belladonna slowed the transformation process.

The party had an unpleasant but reasonably lucrative adventure at the Standing Stones, where they met a Lawful Good cleric of Pelor. He offered them an opportunity to recover an artifact of his church, which turned out to be problematic because Karen chose that moment to finally transform into a wererat. The party psion nearly killed her, and the relationship between them remained tense. Karen decided she liked being a wererat and refused to get cured, even though the entire party protested her decision violently. They explained that she was infectious, and anyone she struck with her weapons or bit could contract lycanthropy. So Karen compromised and promised to kill anyone she hit with a dagger or bit. Satisfied with that, the party returned to Poe.

Next, Poe transported the entire party to Ptolus, where they attempted to enter the Banewarrens. The shift between worlds allowed Karen to become acquainted with the realm Atop the Table. Able to contact the DM for the first time, Karen made her first of many complaints that she kept almost getting killed. So the DM decided to waive the level adjustment for wererat, seeing as she was infected and not a natural lycanthrope. Karen also learned of this “3.5 updated” version of the Ghostwalker “prestige class”, and decided she was going to enter it. However, her “will saving throw” was too low. After spending some time investigating the Banewarrens, Karen “Leveled up” and learned wizardry so that she might join the Ghostwalker “class”.

The GM had seen how her newly-acquired wererat abilities made short work of the Banewarrens inhabitants, so he sent Karen a snarky note that she would have to earn enough “experience points” to cover the +2 wererat “level adjustment” before she could actually take levels in the “prestige class”. He also pointed out that she did not have a spell book and it would cost her many thousands of gold pieces to acquire one. Incensed, Karen slaughtered her entire adventuring party in their sleep and bribed a wizard to send her to Atop the Table so that she could remonstrate with the GM.

However, it appears that while she and her group were in Ptolus (due to some sort of nonsense with differing time rates), the Elves had all but taken over the Realm Atop the Table. Not knowing what else to do, Karen has joined the Resistance. Because wererats have a bad rap, she’s claiming to be a “were-opossum”. She continues to try to figure out how to acquire a spellbook.

Karen Ratbastard

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