Kain Lastname

A nearly nameless mercenary and min-maxing twink


A surly male ranger with dark hair, dark eyes, and dark everything else.


Kain was a PC in the campaign The Three Towers, DMed by photoneater in Spring 2005.

Kain was a mercenary from The World They Forgot to Name, which was destroyed in the middle of the war- but not at the hands of elves. Kain was one of the few survivors, managing to avoid the apocalypse by killing a couple of goblin tourists and stealing their hot air balloon.

His balloon drifted for over a month, during which time Kain sustained himself by eating his own skin and doing a Kevin Costner a la Waterworld. Eventually, he drifted into Greyhawk, where he started killing elves indiscriminately during the Battle over Olidammara’s Stolen Pants. After the dust settled, he realized there was a war at hand, and he joined the Resistance out of motivations that can only be identified as “nonexistent”.

Kain fights for the Resistance whenever his player bothers to attend the sess… er, whenever the mood strikes him. He is fickle, mysterious, and bloodthirsty, capable of executing 12 iterative attacks a round and dealing upwards of 60d6 + 152 damage to a single target, or so his player boasts… er, so he claims while visiting the tavern.

Kain Lastname

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