Benevolent Benefactor of the Resistance, god of the orcs, monocle lover


A hulking, orcish warrior with one eye. He is pocked with scars and marks of battle, and emanates an aura of unquenchable rage.


Once a god relegated almost strictly to villainous NPCs, Gruumsh has done a complete 180 in the paradigm shift that is the War of the Elves.

At first, the Resistance turned to Gruumsh primarily because they felt having a pissed-off giant orc with a disdain for poncing tree-lovers on their side would merely be a plus, but over time, Gruumsh has become the chief deity of the Resistance, and he grants healing and protection to all who count themselves among their ranks.

In a strange twist of fate, he has apparently abandoned the orcs, except for those that count themselves among the number of the Resistance. When asked about this, Gruumsh had this to say:

“This gig is so much more rewarding than my old one. These puny Resistance fools admire my power, my strength, and my ability to snap an elf in half with my bare hands. All the orcs ever did was scream gibberish at me during their little rituals and dedicate the occasional rape to me. Here I am actually needed! God, I have to tell you, it feels so good to grant spells with the healing descriptor again. Do you KNOW how often orcs actually heal their wounds? NEVER. No, they totally have this stupid “my scars are a mark of my manhood, I will die in battle before I relent with my assault” nonsense going on. And besides that, they’re orcs! Monstrous NPCs. They don’t get hurt, come back to camp, and heal up! No, they just don’t come back to camp! I’m sick of representing minions. From now on, it’s PCs all the way.”


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