Gilda Arharmboras

A grim necromancer and freelance Emasculation Elemental


A serious looking woman. She has dark hair pulled into a bun, pale white skin, and wears a set of silver spectacles.


Gilda is a PC in the campaign Blackthorn.

Gilda hails from Madrepoor, a secret continent in Aldea. Gilda is the necromancer who resurrected Princess Butterpeach those 16 times, and she operates as the Resistance’s source of resurrection.

Gilda is a good deal darker than most Aldeans, which has led to rumors that she may have been a villain. Although she claims to help the Resistance out of charity and concern for the greater good, it becomes more and more apparent that she only does so for the opportunity to do terrible and eldritch things to dead bodies.

It has become evident that Gilda operates as the Resistance necromancer for less than benevolent reasons. Upon resurrecting the Princess after her 17th death in Episode 1, it was witnessed by the team that Gilda has been eating hit dice when resurrecting her companions, and writing it off to hit dice loss as a consequence of resurrection. What she is doing with the consumed hit dice is uncertain, and it will likely remain this way, and most Resistance members are too terrified of the woman to approach her without already being dead.

Gilda Arharmboras

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