Lady of Lothlorien and Horseman of Mialee


A fair elven woman with long blond hair and a beautiful appearance. I realize this same description could also apply to Legolas, but with elves, you typically don’t have a lot to work with.


The ruler of the Lothlorien, granddaughter of King Finwë, wife of Lord Celeborn, leader of the rebellion of Noldar during their flight from Valinor, and all sorts of other goofy, vowel-laden elven nonsense.

After garnering a sum of popularity due to a certain movie, and having recently been tempted by some particularly potent bling, Galadriel was hungry for power, and damn, the girl was gonna get her some.

She made quick friends with Mialee after the two teamed up to kill Frodo Baggins, who later turned out to just be Elijah Wood stooping to tie his shoes. Nonetheless, Galadriel had tasted blood, and she would not rest until … well, to be totally honest, she didn’t really have a particular goal in mind, she was just sort of getting her murder groove on and liking it.

Anyway, she became the first of Mialee’s Four Horsemen, and since has been the most active of the Horsemen. She was the leader of the charge on Aldea, and also among the generals who saw to the domination of the World of Darkness and the Great Warren.

Service under Mialee has twisted Galadriel’s once regal personality beyond belief. Now, she seems to think of herself as Gogo Yubari from Kill Bill.


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