Goddess of the Drow, Miss Faerun 1996, and one of the Horsemen


A black-skinned drowish woman with a hell of a lot of spider legs. Also her hair is white. God, that just looks so cool. I mean, honestly, WHITE hair? That’s probably the coolest hair color you could give a character. You know what would make her even cooler? Gold eyes. No, wait, RED eyes. Yeah, totally. She also has red eyes. And an eyepatch! No, not an eyepatch… she’s a NINJA. Yeah… awesome.


The Goddess of the Drow, sometimes called Lloth, is probably the coolest of the Drow gods, and is proud to point out that she’s the one that immediately comes to mind when you think of Drow (In your FACE, Eilistraee!).

Lolth was more than happy to join the Elven Empire when the war began, although she openly admits that the Drizzt make her nervous and morally uncomfortable- a condition she remedies by killing a few of them from time to time.

Lolth was a shoe-in for the position of Horseman- or so everyone thought. However, when it proved impossible for her to ride a horse, she was denied the position. Lolth assembled a star legal team, headed primarily by an up and coming lawyer with a keen mind and a big heart named Phoenix Wright.

A lengthy, two year court battle ensued, during which much mudslinging occurred. It was implied that Lolth was being discriminated against on a number of criteria- because she was physically unable to ride a horse (and thus, disabled), because she was black, because she was Chaotic Evil and bore a high likelihood of betraying the Queen… the list went on, and ultimately the court ruled in her favor. Lolth has been a Horseman ever since.

In Episode 4, Lolth was ordered by Mialee to kill the members of the party, but Lolth refused, stating she was too busy watching gay porn.

Despite her lack of motivation, Lolth is perceived as the most dangerous aspect of the Empire. Because of this, Charlotte Cabochon called in some favors from the realms of Big Eyes, Small Mouth, and acquired the giant robot, EVA-01, with the reasoning that the only thing powerful enough to kill a god would be an EVA.


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