One life, destroyed by Obsidian Portal


A cautious looking kobold. His eyes dart about suspiciously at all times.


Grapak was a featured NPC created by Micah.

Grapak’s life was going pretty well. He has his own tribe, he had a nice little back story and a proper name- something that almost guarantees a long and happy life for those living among the ranks of the NPCs.

Even during the fevered pitches of the War of the Elves, Grapak was making a little place for himself, a little piece of the Table where he and his own could live in piece… until the day an evil, evil DM played a cruel trick.

Grapak’s stats and history were posted on the front page… er, upon the ominous gates of the Obsidian Portal, a vast gateway between the worlds. The reasoning behind this is unknown, but as a result, Grapak has suffered horribly. At first, he enjoyed the fame, but once he attracted the attention of the Empress Mialee, he was tormented in a way that would make Job himself turn to booze and atheism.

Mialee torched his home, ritualistically killed the members of his tribe, and continually humiliated and embarrassed him by calling him Meepo.

Now, broken and wracked with perpetual paranoid delusion, Grapak has turned to the Resistance for protection. In return, he provides them with arcane spellcasting and item creation.


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