Drizzt Do'urden

A series of elite warriors specializing in swarm tactics


A dark elf armed with twin blades and a notably chaotic good quality about him that sets him apart from… ah, who the hell do I think I’m kidding? It’s just freaking Drizzt. If you don’t remember what he looks like, just Google “Thomas Jefferson Junior High School RPG Club Forgotten Realms Campaign Site” and you’ll get a better picture.


Originally a character… er, a citizen from the Endless Expanse of Faeruns, Drizzt became very popular due to the fact that his character archetype broke a lot of molds at the time. Since then, he has been recreated so often and reintroduced to so many campaigns that the Drizzt population numbers somewhere in the millions.

When the Elves went to war with the rest of the worlds Atop the Table, the Drizzts (or is it Drizzti?) all formed together into a Zerg-like military force determined to overwhelm the rest of the Universe in a game of sheer numbers.

Subsequently, since the Drizzts all came together, the resale price of +3 frostbrand scimitars and +5 defender scimitars has dropped so low that they have become effectively worthless. This has disrupted the magic item economy so much that the game has nearly broken apart- but fortunately, nothing could break the game open as effectively as the Cleric class, and as such, the world has bounced back with surprising resiliency.

In a perplexing piece of trivia, the Drizzts do not differentiate themselves by way of any form of denotation whatsoever. They all believe themselves to be THE Drizzt Do’urden, but seem oblivious to evidence that would presented to contradict this perception of theirs. It is even theorized that the Drizzt may share some sort of freaky telepathic bond, which is yet another reason why psionics should NEVER be made core.

Drizzt Do'urden

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