Survivor of "the Ride", thief, and maybe a lesbian


A red-haired girl with a freckled face and a shy demeanor. She wears an indigo cloak at all times.


Once a citizen of Magic Earth, Sheila and several of her school friends had their lives changed forever when they went on a ride at the local amusement park. This ride transported them to the Realms of Dungeons and Dragons, a parallel universe someone on the outskirts of the Blanded Plains of Greyhawk.

For years, she and her companions quested for a way home under the tutelage of the squat and comical Dungeon Master (not to be confused with THE Dungeon Master, who is instead sexually alluring and comical). However, tragedy befell them at the end of the quest, when it was revealed that all of the children had actually died on the Ride and had been sent to the Realms in a sort of Purgatory scenario. As their trial came to a close, only Sheila and her friend Diana were deemed worthy to live. Wracked with pain and grief, Sheila and Diana went on to travel the worlds Atop the Table searching for a purpose… and they found it in the Resistance.

Sheila has been suffering from extreme depression since the loss of her younger brother Bobby. To this day, she can’t look at a unicorn or pass a gay bar on leather night without breaking down into tears for her fallen baby brother. However, Sheila can channel her anguish into sweet, sweet sneak attack damage- a trait that has made her exceptionally popular among the survivors of the World of Darkness.

It is rumored that, because of her haircut, Sheila may be a lesbian. Many believe that she and Diana are romantically entangled, but this may only be because the two of them often fight in tandem, share a bed chamber, and have a closet full of comfortable sweaters. Sheila often refutes the rumors, reminding everyone she once dated Hank the Ranger- but since everyone knows that Hank is a big queen himself, many consider this to be an excuse.


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