Survivor of "The Ride", acrobat, presumed lesbian


A tall, regal girl of African American descent. She wears an orange body suit, and wields a glowing quarterstaff.


Once a citizen of Magic Earth, Diana and several of her school friends had their lives changed forever when they went on a ride at the local amusement park. This ride transported them to the Realms of Dungeons and Dragons, a parallel universe someone on the outskirts of the Blanded Plains of Greyhawk.

For years, she and her companions quested for a way home under the tutelage of the squat and comical Dungeon Master (not to be confused with THE Dungeon Master). However, tragedy befell them at the end of the quest, when it was revealed that all of the children had actually died on the Ride and had been sent to the Realms in a sort of Purgatory scenario. As their trial came to a close, only Diana and her friend Sheila were deemed worthy to live. Wracked with pain and grief, Diana and Sheila went on to travel the worlds Atop the Table searching for a purpose… and they found it in the Resistance.

A skilled acrobat and staff-fighter, Diana has become a powerful warrior on the side of the Resistance. She earned much favor after she saved Moona from being trampled by a bullette during the Battle of North Maztica.

Although no one has ever asked her, everyone assumes Diana is a lesbian because of her Amazon-like behaviors and her relationship with Sheila. There is no proof of any of this, but it is said that while the Resistance had been battling through the Endless Vortex of Fanfiction.net, several Resistance members found compelling reasons to believe the rumors.


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