Charlotte Cabochon

A scholar and bard with fists of death


An intelligent but friendly looking blond woman with heavy glasses.


Charlotte is a PC in the campaign Bodhisattva Complex.

Charlotte originates from the Curry-Scented Islands of Evidia, a world that was overrun by elves early in the war. Now, she is the tactician for the Resistance, and has taken on a secondary role in attempting to chronicle the war and serving as an advocate for the great and mighty DM.

She is able to translate the mad scrawlings of Hermey, and can occasionally call on the power of the DM to do terrible things, which was witnessed when she ripped a balcony off the inside wall of an opera house and beat Tanis Half-Elven to death with it during the Battle of Sylvanesti.

Charlotte is also the inventor of the martial arts technique called “The Charlotte Punch”, in which the fighter punches the victim in the face with enough force to instantly slay a foe who does not succeed on a Fortitude save with a DC of 67. Foes that pass their saves instead take 40d20 Constitution damage and take 1d20 Charisma drain. Unfortunately, only Charlotte is capable of achieving this blow, which is odd considering she has never so much as considered taking a monk level.

After Episode 3, Charlotte went on strike along with the Writer’s Guild of America, and refused to provide narration or plot exposition for the Resistance, causing them to seek out a new narrator character. This posed many problems, as a jealous and bitter Charlotte ultimately ended up trying to sabotage the party by collapsing a mountain they happened to be climbing. She later saved them from Amelie’s trap after the strike ended, and presented the team with their “Ultimate Equipment”- a Robe of the Archmagi for Karen, a +5 Holy Avenger for Sir Righteous, and the giant robot EVA-01 for David the Gnome. Curly received no items at that time, because Charlotte had assumed he had quit to go become a token in the collectible card game, Magic the Gathering.

Charlotte Cabochon

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