A talking apple born of advertising


An animated talking apple with a distinctive voice.


A talking apple supposedly created to advertise the newest Applebee’s location in Sharn. While searcing Olladra’s Kitchen for information regarding the kidnapped Cleric, the Reistance task force encountered this talking treat hawking its restaurant.

In wrath, Miracula sliced it into quarters and then macerated it in an elixir of truth extracted from Bathsheba’s hair. She then interrogated the apple for information regarding the cryptic messages handed down to her by the spirit of Rachael Ray.

The Apple later showed up again inside Applebee’s, and was shocked to find a fight had erupted within. It remained out of harm’s way, but eventually did make an attack against one of the patrons. It is unknown if it survived or not after the restaurant was smashed into pieces by Crystal Cans and then flooded with tentacles by the mind flayer.


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