Amelie Poulain

Precocious Fey Girl and Horseman of Mialee


A youthful girl with a human appearance and a playful, curious look to her. She sort of looks like Audrey Tautou.


Originally a former waitress from The Two Windmills, it is unknown exactly how or why Amelie appeared in the Blanded Plains of Greyhawk.

Since arriving, her sprite-like behaviors and tendency towards acts of random kindness has become a source of endless amusement for the Empress Mialee.

During one of her usual games, Amelie stole Mialee’s favorite garden gnome, and then proceeded to send her pictures of the gnome standing over the bloodied corpses of the various leaders of the worlds Atop the Table as they fell to Mialee’s military might. This thoughtful gift gave Mialee much joy, as she had always WANTED to be the one killing all the other major NPCs, but was typically too busy administrating her efforts from within her floating palace. So touched, Mialee granted Amelie a position among her Four Horsemen.

Amelie first appeared before the party in Rokugan, where she rode in on a Vespa disguised as Zorro, and presented Sir Righteous with a toy cowboy. Later, she boobytrapped the Royal Railroad and arranged for the party to meet up with an elder wyrm white dragon, hoping they would hit it off and become rivals.

Amelie Poulain

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