Freaking Elves

Vive La Resistance!

About this campaign...

Freaking Elves is a campaign that I once attempted on a PbP forum of which I was a moderator. It was an attempt to create a humorous, light-hearted take on D&D that lampooned everything and anything related to the game. Recently, conversations have started and it looks like we will be reviving the campaign as a 4 to 6 session game in early 2008. Until that time, this campaign will remain inactive, but I will try and use that time to organize and post the world information and the character creation rules.

In addition to reviving the campaign, I am also hoping to use this opportunity to test out the practicality of using Obsidian Portal to organize a game from the beginning. I am interested in seeing how these tools help a game from its inception. I’m also planning on bringing in some players who wouldn’t typically play in our games, so I’m hoping to see how OP works to help organize a more diverse playgroup with different play styles and schedules.

Anyway, check back in a month or so to see some more details!



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