Freaking Elves

Episode 5- Two Towers (also Two More Towers)

Of celebrity chefs, trash TV, and the war of the gods

Bathsheba duels with Chun Li at the top of the tower. You can’t see Bathsheba because she jumped, and she’s like, waaaaay up there. And her shadow looks like Blanka. And she left her purse on the floor. Her purse looks like Ryu. Also, somebody came by and totally put graffiti that says shit like “Street Fighter II” and “Super Nintendo” all over the place. Damn latchkey kids.

In this session, Bathsheba fights Chun-li, duels to the death with Galadriel, and discovers she is a lesbian. Miracula faces off in Kitchen Stadium against Ina Garten, ends up in an aerial battle, and is hit on by Alacar Leoricar. Crystal ends up as a guest on a talk show about people in sick relationships, survives being shot by a starship, and ends up making sweet sweet love to Kain Lastname. The Cat regains his godhood, loses it again, and is cast into a maze by the Lady of Pain. Also guest appearances by the Princess of Faery, Karen Ratbastard, and Janet Blackchurch.

Full summary to be posted later.



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