Freaking Elves

Character Creation Has Begun

Alright, character creation has officially begun. I would like to begin both groups on the week of January 20th, 2008. More rules will be posted later, and we’ll try and figure out a play schedule that works for everyone.

Currently, I have the following people signed up for play-

Offline Group:

  1. Josh- “The Cat”
  2. Mamelon- Miracula Amalthea Nutella
  3. Joshua- Bathsheba Winters
  4. Adam- Crystal Cans

Chat-based Group:

  1. Mike- Undecided
  2. Alacar- David the Gnome
  3. AidanDark- Sir Righteous the Marriable
  4. Jennifer- Karen Ratbastard

Now, please go over the rules for Character Creation, New Skills and Skill Uses, Gimmicks and other parts of the page. Pay attention to the existing NPCs, and the bits of flavor set up already. Also, a few things to keep in mind while making your character.

  • Animals do not have an area of effect, not even on a critical hit
  • No one has EVER played a gnome. Ever. Keep this in mind
  • The campaign will be between 4 to 6 sessions, so plan for the short term
  • A level 1 Wizard with 7 LAs worth of templates is a BAD character, and you should be ashamed.
  • Adam, if you make us wait while you count your umpteen million dice each attack roll, I will kill you. So, keeping that in mind, play something that could never reasonably do damage.
  • Try and spend every copper of your starting wealth. You won’t have an opportunity to spend it once the game begins. Even if you have to dump it all into yard after yard of rope, do it. It is better to have an overabundance of supplies than a pocket full of useless money in this game, unless you intend on doing something neat with that money.
  • If you have a concept that involves bending the rules, we can work things out to your liking, so long as it amuses me. It’s not so much that I am willing to please you as a player, I just like to pretend to be an Olympian god.
  • I need any splat books or materials I don’t own sent to me, somehow. It doesn’t have to be the entire supplement- I just need to basically see the thing.
  • Remember to add your 2 ability score increases for being 8th level.
  • You may be asked to go back and add a few levels if I decide to scale up the level cap for the campaign.
  • NO ELVES. Don’t even joke about it.


so why cant we make elve?:)

Character Creation Has Begun

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