Freaking Elves

You can take your Elvish thinblade and shove it up your ass!

Updates, campaign information, etc

2-22-08- FINALLY finished Episode 2. Also added pages for Elfstar, Action Transvestite League, and the Hammer of Shitbreaking. I now need to update Eps 3 and 4, but I’m lazy. However, NPC pages should be updated now, for the most part.
2-02-08- Started the summary for the incredibly long-winded Episode 2, added Episode 1 Battle Records, added a post for the Episode 3 summary and Episode 2 Battle Records. Added character profiles for Koicihiyamasamaru, Daimyo Kiriban, Blackleaf, Coco Cory, Dame Unagi, Androprimus, Honoria de Danaan Cesaria au Blanchard, Mabry Wilhelm, and The Lady of Pain. Also updated character sheet for Princess Butterpeach Cinderella Von Hyatt-Gainsborough- she’s now down to level 2, soon to be level 1.
1-19-08- Posted Adventure Log for Episode 1. Updated character profiles for Count Tatsel Dharts Sepet, Galadriel, Gilda Arharmboras, Lady Gator, and Princess Butterpeach Cinderella Von Hyatt-Gainsborough. Added character profile for Apple.
1-18-08- Played the first session offline today. Decided to go ahead and do it since we had the time. Will update the adventure log later.
1-17-08- Had a player drop out. KoolKoal and his character won’t be part of the campaign due to a variety of reasons. :(
1-14-08- Character sheet for Karen Ratbastard completed and approved. Full character sheet for Lady Gator available. Players, read at your own risk.
1-13-08- Revised Online Play Rules to address tracking HP and other resources. Also, the character sheets for David the Gnome, Bathsheba Winters (Cooper died because there was NO way I was DMing him in combat), and “The Cat” are all completed and approved. Now, the rest of you need to get with it! Game day is fast approaching!
1-06-08- Added the page for Online Play Rules, and updated Character Creation rules. Also it has been determined that game play for the chat group will take place on Saturday mornings between 10am and 3pm (approximately), and will begin on Saturday, January 26th, 2008. Also added a page for Magic Items, and added Defy Anime Physics, Monk Levels, and Death Metal to the New Feats section.


By the way, from looking at our site statistics, this has been the most visited campaign for the past few two months. Apparently there is a lot of anti-elf sentiment running around.


As well there should be. Elves are a threat to the American family, and I feel it is all of our moral duty to kick them in the teeth and stick gum in their long, luxurious hair.


I agree, Elves are the #1 cause of all the evil in this world, with #2 being Gnomes.

And don’t think I’m not going to use David the Gnome as target practice in my games. Ohh he’s got it comin’. Him and his lil pointy hat and his Swift the fox. I know where he lives… In that tree… I’ll be there. Waiting.


You know, I haven’t updated it yet, but he actually died last episode. I mean, it is D&D, so death means about as much as a Hilton’s prison sentence, but he did croak.


I agree that elves are the main cause of evil in the world but I’m pretty sure humans are too. Thats why I only trust kobolds


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